I am a writer.

I am a writer.

There. I said it. And I said it without blushing or averting my eyes.

I have always wanted to be a writer, but I have been plagued with excuses, starting with: Once I get a computer I will write my book. Well, I have had a computer for many years now, and still I am not published.

My next excuse was: I need to spend time with The Husband. How can I justify hours away from him writing something that may never see the light of day? Yeah, that’s the way to think…real positive. The thing is, he is super supportive of my writing goal, and would totally understand if I had to go into seclusion for a bit to get it done, but I still feel guilty if I spend all day at work and then spend more time away from him. It’s not him, it’s me.

Excuse number three: I have to work for a living, and I don’t have much energy left over to write. Well now that is just me being lazy. It is finally time to get off the excuse train and start taking my writing seriously.

I have been working on a novel for about 10 years – clearly not every day, or every month, or even every year for that matter, or it would be done by now. Usually, when I take a week off from work, my only goal for my vacation is to finally finish my novel. I make a lot of progress during those weeks, but I am still having a tough time making it more of a daily habit. I am hoping that by starting this blog, I will be shamed into writing. If nothing else, I will be forced to write the occasional blog post. Having something to report on my personal writing front would be helpful in that respect.

So, you may ask, what changed? What finally made the light bulb flicker? I actually have an answer for that.

Recently, The Husband and I were watching Kathie Lee and Hoda, and two of their guests were plugging their latest book releases – Jillian Michaels and Ice T. When Ice T started talking about his book, The Husband said, “Geez, who doesn’t have a book out? Oh yeah…you!”

Now this was all in fun and I took it as such, but actually he had a point. I mean, Snooki wrote a book (allegedly). Dubya wrote a book (which I actually read and found it to be surprisingly awesome!). Soap Opera characters are writing books that are published in reality. Why not me? The only advantage they have over me is that people already know who they are…oh, and they actually completed their manuscript.

Okay, so step one: Finish Work In Progress.

I thought I had come pretty close to doing this, until I realized that my word count was not quite what it should be. If I were writing YA, it would be perfect, but since I am not, I need to throw in about twenty to thirty thousand more words…piece of cake! I am on vacation the first week of October…I got this.

Step two: Get people to know who I am.

Enter Twitter.

I had no idea how advantageous it would be to join Twitter, until I started following writers. It started off innocently enough, with Alyson Noel and Cassandra Clare, authors whose books I was currently addicted to. I was really more of a Twitter voyeur then, just reading, not tweeting. Then on my vacation week in early August when I was in writer mode, I started following random writers that I had never heard of before, along with other writers and wannabe writers who followed also.

Enter Twitter Goddess Julie Lindsey, who made twimpin’ look easy, getting a whole bunch of us writers following each other for fun and inspiration. (There’s enough for another blog post to follow about this) A whole new world was opened up to me, as I realized that there were so many of us out there, just trying to live the dream of being writers, while juggling all the minutiae of daily life. Now I have writer buddies who are getting contracts and book deals and having launch parties and doing book signings. It is happening for regular people, like me, every day.

So I am on twitter, and now I am starting a blog. I hope I can keep it entertaining as I take you along on my journey. Thanks for stopping by!

Yup. I’m a writer. If I’m not, then who filled up all those blank sheets of paper with words and paragraphs and stuff?


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  1. First up, your writing this blog, your a writer! I say if you can complete the book, which is the hardest part, don’t give up until you see it in print, whether its e-book or print. I try not to let the stars bug me with their books. I always wonder if they really wrote it. Did Regis really write his book? Maybe.Keep it up and I look forward to seeing you along your journey!

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