For Hire: Awesomesauce

FOR HIRE: One honest, hardworking, smart, detail-oriented, loyal, customer-focused, friendly, passionate, well-liked team player, with natural leadership ability, who will efficiently do whatever needs doing, not stopping until it is done right.

I am comfortable leading or following, in the spotlight or behind the scenes, for all the glory or just a requisite pat on the head. Living and working by the Golden Rule, I am respected by employees and co-workers as one who holds herself to the highest ethical standards, and treats others how I would like to be treated. I think on my feet, making decisions quickly with enough foresight to know what will or will not work. I can either run your business, or be the best one-person support team you could ask for to help you run it better.

I’d hire me.

How does a person like this stand out from the hordes of faceless resumes competing for the few good jobs out there? This person does not show up when you look at a resume. A resume shows the tasks that someone has done, and where they spent their days, but it says nothing about that person’s personality or values. It takes just one meeting and maybe a phone call to a reference or two to know when you have found the person you have been searching for to fill that fabulous position. I just can’t seem to get to that point, now that the world of job hunting is so technologically advanced. As a hiring manager in my current job, it is impossible to know anything from an online application, so I know how it is on the other end.

That’s right. I have a job already. I have heard that it is easier to find a job when you have a job. I never intended to look for another job, but much has changed in the few years since I decided to make my career with this company. (Due to said company’s social media policy, I will not name it here). It was a company that had integrity and I believed in its mission statement. I’d left before for greener pastures, but returned when I saw that I had left a good thing. I had planned to retire from this job, but now I am left to question that decision due to massive changes to the company which sent a lot of good people to the unemployment line.

But I digress….my point is, going to work every day under a cloud of uncertainty was not what I signed up for. Not wanting to have to rush to find a job if I find myself suddenly unemployed, I have started the search. Just in case. But I am not having any luck.

I recently applied for a position for which I am more than qualified, at a company that I respect, in an industry about which I am passionate. In this case, my resume does show that I have the skills, and in my cover letter I expressed why I was interested, and why I would be a good fit. I never even got a phone call. I guarantee you that the person they hired is not as good as I would have been, but I never even got the chance to try.

Something great is out there for me, I know it is. It may be with the company I work for now, or it may be something I never even thought of before. Either way I know I am not meant to be doing what I am doing now, and I want the opportunity to do something better. I work too hard, and I give too much of myself to a job to not get anything out of it, and barely eke out a living. It just doesn’t seem fair. If I were working for a good cause, or doing something I enjoyed like writing or working with animals, the sacrifices I have to make in life would seem worth it. Right now I feel like a drone. A worker bee working until I die. The last year and a half went by in the blink of an eye and I can count on ONE HAND how many fun things I did outside of work. I look back and see that I was not living, I was just working.

So if you or someone you know is in need of the best possible employee, I could be that person. I am in retail now, and would certainly excel in that field as I have plenty of experience, but it is not what I would call fulfilling. I used to hold out for hope that I would finish writing my book and win the publishing lottery, but those days are long gone, and so far I have yet to win PowerBall. I know that my husband and I would be awesome running our own business, but we have no start up cash. Now I just hope to find whatever it is that will make me happy and pay me what I am worth. Until then, I will keep going to work every day with the most positive of attitudes, because that is what I do.



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3 responses to “For Hire: Awesomesauce

  1. we’d definitely hire you too. We know how hard you work and your job seems pretty thankless. Fingers crossed something comes up soon, especially with the writing. Hell, if you lived on this side of the Atlantic and still want to work with animals, we have 3 cats who seem to think we’re at their beck and call. Another pair of hands with those deities would certainly be useful. It would also give us a great excuse to get MORE pets 😀

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